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    Re: Agraquest got an employee sick

    Posted by sick on 9/08/08

    Thank you for your concerns and prayers for David Monique. I have forwarded your
    post on to him.

    David is still sick and had to have his 4th sinus surgery in 2006 and it is looking like he
    may require another soon.

    The Drs are saying they don't know what "it" is and "haven't seen anything like this
    before". We are also worried for the City of Davis, CA residents and the other people
    who called in sick right after David had sought emergency medical care after a workday
    with bloody pus draining from his nose and 1/2 of his face (including his teeth) had
    become numb.

    Both fungus and bacteria have been identified in his body. He has lived 10 years of hell
    since working for Agraquest.

    Currently we are working on a site biotechawareness . com

    God Bless

    On 7/02/08, Monique wrote:
    > Dear David,
    > I found about your case by doing some research about GM food. I
    > am sorry about what has happened to you David I feel extremely
    > angry with Agraquest's lack of responsibility regarding your
    > safety and health protection. I wish this company closed down
    > forever and stop ruining other people's lives. How could we eat
    > the GM they are selling in the supermarkets? Who lets them
    > control our food products? That is unhuman. David, I hope and
    > pray you will get justice one day.
    > Monique

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