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    Re: Agraquest got an employee sick

    Posted by Strend on 9/15/11


    Below are just a few of the online video's of the horrors of working in the
    biotech industry and the systemic COVER-UP of injuries and illness:

    Injured Agraquest Biotech Worker David Bell Tells His Story

    Biotech worker David Bell charged that the District Attorneys in Yolo County
    and Sacramento were failing to prosecute fraud by ...

    "Gaming" The Workers Comp System Of California-Mother Of Injured Agraquest
    Biotech Worker Speaks Out At CA Commission

    Watch the Sacramento DA Dale Kitching Challenged By Sandi Trend, Mother Of
    Injured Agraquest Worker David Bell Video from ...

    Injured Agraquest Biotech Worker David Bell Tells His Story Labor On The Job
    on 12/12/2008 interviews Agraquest biotech

    Sandi Trend, the mother of injured Agraquest worker David Bell spoke at the
    California Fraud Assessment Commission in ...

    "downey toxic dump site" "david bell" agraquest OSHA "workers compensation"
    cover-up ...

    Sandi Trend, mother of injured AgraQuest biotech worker David Bell went to
    the US Justice Department in Washington DC on ...

    May 13, 2008 "Labor On The Job" focuses on the case of Agraquest biotech
    worker David Bell. Bell who worked at the Davis ...

    Watch the Conflict of Interest By Judge Says Sandi Trend, Mother of Injured
    Agraquest Biotech Worker Bell Video from laborvideo ...

    Daniel Stroski of the Yolo County District Attorney's office, "I don't know
    what employees rights are"

    Dina Padilla and Sandi Trend, mother of injured Agraquest biotech worker
    David Bell had testified previously about the ...

    Watch the Sandi Trend, Mother of Injured Biotech Worker David Bell On
    9/9/2009 Charges Failure To Prosecute Fraud

    "Insurance commissioner" "cost shifting" "injured workers" Kaiser fraud
    "conflict of interests" Dina Padilla David Bell Sandi ...

    What's Going On? Sandi Trend Reports on Systemic Fraud within the
    California Workers' Compensation System

    Workers Comp, The Destruction of CA-OSHA/EPA and the case of David Bell

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