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    Posted by mary on 9/14/04

    Hey ST:

    What is this about? Are you trolling for plaintiffs? I mean,
    on the face of it, this looks pretty stupid. Explain why I
    might be wrong. I'm a very, very open minded person.

    Best Regards,


    On 9/10/04, ST wrote:
    > we are looking for anyone who worked at a bio lab that
    > explosed them to microbes... ie: bacteria and microbes....
    > that may have made them sick. You may start out thinking
    > you only have allergies or sinusitus. However, this is
    > where the spores enter... into you nasal cavaties... or
    > inhaled via the mouth. This is VERY SERIOUS. It may take
    > YEARS for you to find out what organs these microbes may
    > have invaded and they cause numerous diseases. Please!!!
    > Don't second guess what you may have. You need to find out
    > immediately if this may indeed be the problem to your
    > "unknown" illness. It is not only your health that is in
    > risk, but also your quality of life... and also the
    > duration. Please remember... what takes most people out are
    > microbes. They cause many illness and diseases. If you
    > worked at a bio lab you may have been exposed tot these
    > microbes and even though you think you are safe with so
    > called safety standards of labs... this is not always the
    > case.

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