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    Posted by ST on 9/10/04

    We are looking for anyone who worked at a bio lab that
    exposed them to microbes... ie: bacteria and microbes....
    that may have made them sick. You may start out thinking
    you only have allergies or sinusitus. However, this is
    where the spores enter... into you nasal cavaties... or
    inhaled via the mouth. This is VERY SERIOUS. It may take
    YEARS for you to find out what organs these microbes may
    have invaded and they cause numerous diseases. Please!!!
    Don't second guess what you may have. You need to find out
    immediately if this may indeed be the problem to your
    "unknown" illness. It is not only your health that is in
    risk, but also your quality of life... and also the
    duration. Please remember... what takes most people out are
    microbes. They cause many illness and diseases. If you
    worked at a bio lab you may have been exposed to these
    microbes and even though you think you are safe with so
    called safety standards of labs... this is not always the

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