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    Re: CO exposure in my office causing cognitive damage

    Posted by mary on 10/11/04


    Here is a direct link to the NIOSH criteria document. Old
    (1972) but LOTS of relevant info.

    Best Regards,


    On 10/07/04, Carol E Skog wrote:
    > Co was measured at 192PPM with a cracked heat exchanger
    > with rusted sieve holes, incomplete combusiton, sooty, mis
    > firing, and a bees nest in the air flue. I have cognitive
    > damage as I sat 6' from teh HVAC. The HVAC said in his
    > deposition that he measured CO in the 190's but that he
    > lost his instrument and didn't know if the reading was
    > correct as he wasn't sure that he calibrated it. He did npt
    > phone the Fire Dept and I have now learned that 35ppm is
    > action level for them to be called. I di not go to the HSPT
    > but went home and slept. I phoned my DR 2 days later and he
    > said it was too late for a blood test. CAn anyone help?

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