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    Post: Exposed to Toxic Waste at DOE Nuclear Site

    Posted by Zack on 3/28/05

    I have been asked by my friend, the plaintiff, to help him
    find an attorney to pursue this case. Most attorneys I
    have spoken with locally (Augusta, GA) do not handle cases
    such as these. seems to be right up this
    alley...I hope someone can help!

    Here's the history:

    Plaintiff was employed at Savannah River Site (SRS) a DOE
    Nuclear facility. Specifically employed at the "Tank Farm"
    where all chemical and nuclear waste produced at the
    facility is stored in underground tanks. Millions of
    gallons of this waste has accumulated in tanks since
    1950s. Occasionally tanks were pumped to other tanks for
    maintenance. Plaintiff was responsible for
    handling/cleaning protective suits & equipment worn by
    workers who entered tanks. On several occasions plaintiff
    knew he experienced exposure.

    Here is the VERY unusual medical history experienced by the
    plaintiff after exposure:

    1989 - Fell unconscious at SRS from low blood sugar.
    1991 - Began experiencing seizures.
    1991 - Diagnosed with rare corneal disease and had cornea
    1991 - Began feeling fatigued & had stress test & hearth
    1996 - Fell unconscious at SRS again from low blood sugar.
    2000 - Blood sugar fell consistently fell into 20's. SRS
    placed plaintiff on long-term medical leave.
    2000 - Mayo Clinic named plaintiff the 11th person ever
    diagnosed with noninsulonoma hypoglycemic syndrone
    (Betacell hyperlasia).
    2000 - August - Surgery to remove spleen and 75% of
    2000 - Oct - Diagnosed with pancreatitis in remaining
    2001 - SRS permanently disabled and medically retired
    2001 - More low blood sugar and surgery to remove gall
    bladder and additional 23% of pancreas.
    2001 - Developed blood pocket in liver and staph infection.
    2002 - Felt irritation in foot and found a bump.
    2002 - Bump diagnosed as cancer, doctor recommended
    2003 - Flew to MD Anderson hospital for 2nd opinion.
    Diagnosed as extremely rare form of cancer.
    2003 - Surgery to remove top of left foot. Veins and skin
    from forearm used to reconstruct foot.
    2003 - Began to experience stomach pain again. Blocked
    bile duct found and surgically attempted to stint.
    2003 – Surgery to remove remaining pancreas, part of bile
    duct and duodenum.
    2004 – With no pancreas plaintiff’s body does not have
    appropriate enzymes to digest food. Medicaid/Medicare
    provided drugs were not working and plaintiff began losing
    weight and having wild blood sugar swings. Alternative
    drugs were to cost $3,000/mo but the drug company was
    convinced to make them affordable for patient.
    2005 – Plaintiff has lost 65 pounds since pancreas removal
    and is literally starving to death due to lack of nutrient
    absorption. He is now walking with a cane because his
    muscle is being eaten away by his body.
    2005 – Doctors say a pancreas transplant is needed and
    patient must provide $185,000. Friends are trying to raise
    money to help. Meanwhile his health is deteriorating to
    the point that he may not be considered a candidate for a
    2005 – SRS concludes their investigation of plaintiff’s
    complaint that illnesses were caused through his
    employment. They state there is “only” a 1 in 9 chance
    illnesses stem from employment and deny claim. (You get
    1 in 6 chances with Russian Roulette!)

    Any one of the many diseases that this man has experienced
    would be rare in a person’s life. But combination of rare
    illnesses that have accumulated in this one man certainly
    must be related to the fact that he worked in close
    proximity and came in contact with some of the nastiest
    toxic waste on the planet.

    His family is impoverished from medical bills and a
    disabled father of 3’s inability to work and provide for
    his wife and family. Friends are raising funds with milk
    jugs at shopping centers and donut sales to raise money for
    an astonishingly large sum of money.

    I am no attorney and despise frivolous lawsuits, but I
    believe this man has a very strong case and is entitled to
    have the government see that he gets the best medical
    treatment our nation can provide.

    I am a close, personal friend whom he has asked to find an
    attorney. The plaintiff is seeking an experienced,
    aggressive lawyer to save his life!

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