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    Re: Toxic Workplaces

    Posted by Gerry Duffett on 2/25/07

    Rodent Control


    I was employed at Gal Power systems.

    At a remote "radio tower" or "microwave tower" site they have
    in place "rodent control".

    Whatever type of pesticide would be used for that.

    Some of these remote sites may not get a visit from a
    technician for 1 month, 2 months or longer if there was no
    indication from the alarm systems that all was normal.

    They do not use so much rodent control that you have to wear
    a "space suit" while working inside
    these buildings.

    I have been to "hundreds" of remote transmitter sites.

    20 years in a service truck.

    Some of these remote sites are a 8 to 10 hour drive from home
    base in northern Ontario.

    In other parts of Canada it is "off road" or "fly in".

    Very remote.

    Some of these systems are "prime power".

    No commercial power.

    Multiple "extended run" diesels take turns running to keep
    the site powered up.

    Some times these remote sites will run for 1 year with no
    visits from people.

    Rodent control, the same as in your kitchen, no "space suits"
    needed to protect technicians working inside these building.

    The site I worked at is a 5 minute drive from downtown
    Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

    A good size small town in south western Ontario.

    Morris Gallick did not leave the site.

    He waited outside in his truck.

    This is unusual, in my experience, people who usually look
    after these tower sites always work side by side with the
    contractor, and I mean always.

    I did not spend really any time at all in the building.

    Perhaps the excessive amount of toxic chemicals inside this
    building 5 minutes from downtown was an over site.

    It sure did make me sick, I almost died.


    Gerry Duffett.
    14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
    Scarborough Ontario
    Canada M1E4X9

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