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    Re: pesticide poisoning

    Posted by InterSci449 on 3/02/08

    On 11/26/06, UnivTes09K wrote:

    Can anyone tell me if Dr. Richard Lipsey in Jacksonville,
    Florida is still the only PhD pesticide toxicologist in the
    US who testifies in court? I understand he had been in many
    famous cases like Bophal India, Exxon Valdez, the Civil
    action case in Woburn, Mass, but is he still active and
    practicing? UnivTex09K

    Yes, Dr. Lipsey is still testifying in cases all over the
    country. I Googled methyl bromide poisoning and saw him in 25
    hits, and 36 with Dursban poisoning. He also does mold
    poisoning cases and he came up in the Jackson, MS judgement for
    $3 million and the Sacramento, CA case for $2.6 million.


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