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    Re: Poisoned Again ? Mental Health

    Posted by Johncodie on 5/01/07

    Its on the television everyday. A person is stalked relentlessly,
    a person is murdered, a group of four students in a local high
    school commits suicide. The mental health system is overloaded. A
    local attorney gets caught receiving favors at the jail cell
    through the prison walls. A Lousiana attorney gets caught robbing
    banks. A Mississippi attorney wakes up with a weapon and drugs in
    a possible death bed. Local teen is prostituted for drugs.

    A persons healthy mental state is a balance of all the
    disfunctional problems, and pressures of life. It is when the
    person goes over the edge and begins identifying as a completly new
    person does the mental health decline.

    An electrical worker believes that he has problems as his gums are
    sore, his hair is falling out, and some sores won't heal. His
    blood work comes out as large qantities of lead causing
    poisioning. He can jump to the concluison that he is being
    poisoined, but who, or why. He created a habit of chewing the
    insulation of the wires he was stipping as relief of a nerveous
    habit to prevent smoking, etc. etc. The electrical insulation had
    high levels of lead that he was ingesting by mistake.

    Mycotoxins are crystaline forms of known toxins that can be
    identified in university level forensic labs. There are no great
    poisionings that can't be linked to the source.

    With the current state of the worlds mental health, don't blame the
    medical community for taking the easy road for diagnosis.

    I have been dealing with electrical phenomum for over thirty years
    and never seen an electron, proton, etc. etc. but I do believe they
    respond in the order and manner that the theories have been
    presented. I have had visions of the insurance community doing me
    in to keep my money. That vision is a grandeous as they would find
    my money worthy of any attention. Recognizing the fact that I am
    just a policy number seperates me from a declining mental state.
    If I would postulate that I am like most all people and the
    insurance company is going to protect their bottom line regardless,
    that would be a valid sane conclusion.

    The person that continues to postulate Lipsey's position as
    grandeous is having a hard time finding that fine line. I would
    hope that is not Lipsey himself. There is nothing wrong with
    finding defeat or limitations. Its what keeps us credible and
    provides the motivation to prove that the person that appears to be
    without merit, sick, being posioned does have a health related
    problem and source of poisioning.

    We are begining to see the TRUTH of our limited court system as
    convicted rapist, murders have been inprisoned wrongly for years.
    We as a society have a difficult time in hearing and discerning the
    truth. A win is not a win if it is all wrong!


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