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    Re: Poisoned by Methyl Bromide

    Posted by Mike B, on 5/17/07

    On 5/16/07, Jay wrote:
    > I was poisoned as well as two of my co-workers by Methyl
    > Bromide by Western. I have nerve damage and walk with a
    > cane now. I was in the gas for 45 minutes. There was a
    > leak and my compnay failed to check with a Dragger. Now
    > three of are living in hell. My company knew that MB
    > poisoning has the same characteristics as like MS,
    > diabetes, disc problems in your back, and well by the time
    > all my doctors proved them wrong here we are 2 and a half
    > years later. Beware of MB and companies who try to cover
    > poisonings up.

    U.S. EPA News Brief (May 15, 2007) -- Methyl Bromide
    Inventory Continues Downward Trend

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