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    Re: Nitrous Oxide Exposures The silent killer

    Posted by Tina on 5/03/08

    On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    > That is because ASHRE standard 62.1 increased the air
    > exchange rate for medical facilities and that solved the
    > problem of indirect exposure to N2O. Unfortunately, the
    > ASHRE standard did nothing to curb the practice of
    > intentional exposure (aka recreational use by staff).
    > Since N2O is an easy gas to detect, so there is little
    > difficulty in monitoring for it.
    > RD
    > On 2/26/08, Tina wrote:
    >> I think that is someone wants to uncover something BIG
    >> they should look into N20 chronic exposures, namely Dental
    >> Profesionals. There was a lot of info written on this 20
    >> years ago, and how dangerouse this exposure is and then
    >> everything just STOPPED ?? HUH, I wonder why.

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