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    Re: Nitrous Oxide Exposures The silent killer

    Posted by Tina on 5/03/08

    On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    > That is because ASHRE standard 62.1 increased the air
    > exchange rate for medical facilities and that solved the
    > problem of indirect exposure to N2O. Unfortunately, the
    > ASHRE standard did nothing to curb the practice of
    > intentional exposure (aka recreational use by staff).
    > Since N2O is an easy gas to detect, so there is little
    > difficulty in monitoring for it.
    > RD
    > On 2/26/08, Tina wrote:
    >> I think that if someone wants to uncover something BIG
    >> they should look into N20 chronic exposures, namely Dental
    >> Profesionals. There was a lot of info written on this 20
    >> years ago, and how dangerouse this exposure is and then
    >> everything just STOPPED ?? HUH, I wonder why.

    Rem Dude does not know what he is taking about yes maybe you
    cant monitor what some staff member is breathing in for
    recreational purposes but there is no dental office with n2o
    meters so the staff and patients are not aware of how much is
    being takien in at any one time exspecialy when there is a
    leak . so even though there are guide lines there are not
    manitory regulations on monitoring the gases . So dont write
    what you dont know about!!

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