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    Re: Organic solvents exposure at work

    Posted by S.B. on 4/05/11

    On 4/5/2011 S.B. wrote:
    My father worked for Union Oil for nearly thirty years. He died
    just short of retirement in 1993 with , "Multiple Complications"
    that included double kidney failure, (originals and donor's),
    cancer around his heart, and repeated blood infections. Thank
    you for your story. I'm seeking professional help.
    On 11/16/09, D..L. wrote:
    > On 11/10/08, GW wrote:
    >> On 4/14/08, Kenneth wrote:
    >>> In trying to make a long story short, I worked for Union
    >>> oil research facility in California as an electrician in
    >>> the early 1980s. I work daily with toluene and
    >>> trichloroethylene 111 as a cleaning solvent with no type
    >>> of safety equipment like gloves or respirators
    >>> whatsoever. I worked with these organic solvents among
    >>> others for approximately 2 1/2 years and had some slight
    >>> neurological effects like sleepiness, dizziness and loss
    >>> of depth perception. The symptoms would come and go and I
    >>> thought nothing of them. I left the facility and went to
    >>> work on my own as an electrical contractor and didn't
    >>> notice any more symptoms until I went to do a job at an
    >>> Air Force base which also had lots of solvents throughout
    >>> the plant. The symptoms were tingling and numbness in my
    >>> ring and pinky fingers of each hand. I thought it could
    >>> be a pinched nerve and I consulted chiropractic
    >>> consultation. I was traded approximately a year and a
    >>> half and then numbness and tingling seem to go away. The
    >>> next time any symptoms started was while I was working
    >>> temporarily approximately 3 months at a nuclear power
    >>> plant during a power outage. Again I went back to the
    >>> chiropractor and after several months of treatment, he
    >>> referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist had me
    >>> undergo an MRI and after seeing the multiple plaques on my
    >>> brain and spinal cord I was told I had MS and further
    >>> testing would be needed. I went through numerous tests
    >>> including lumbar punctures and Evoke potentials and all of
    >>> the testing came back normal. So based on the MRI only, I
    >>> have been treated for MS for the past 15 years. Over the
    >>> past several years I started seeing An Internist who felt
    >>> he might be able to help my condition. And has tried me
    >>> and different infusion therapies to help my body repair
    >>> itself. In December of 2007, a genetic blood lab called
    >>> Athena diagnostics in Worcester, Massachusetts started
    >>> accepting insurance and my doctor decided to send my blood
    >>> to them to see if I have any at the anti-bodies of MS.
    >>> Again the results were negative and it has proven to the
    >>> doctor that I do not have MS. So that's when I started
    >>> thinking about where I was and what I was doing when I
    >>> first had any kind of symptoms. That's what I remembered
    >>> working with toluene and trichloroethylene 111. So I
    >>> decided to research on the Internet both these solvents
    >>> and discovered that all the symptoms I have that currently
    >>> has me confined to an electric wheelchair as basically a
    >>> quadriplegic, has been caused by these organic solvents.
    >>> What I am looking for now is other people with similar
    >>> stories and possibly some legal guidance. I would love to
    >>> hear from anybody who has possibly work in the same oil
    >>> industry and you might know other people who has gone
    >>> through the same misdiagnosis. Thank you for your time,
    >>> Ken
    >>> Here is the person your looking for. I can relate to
    > everything your saying & much more. I accidentally
    > ingested "TOLUENE". This is my first pc & its a piece of...,so
    > parden my typing & brain injury. We need to compare some
    > Do you have an attoney? I found out we have 30 years{statute
    > limitations) since last exposure,to file a lawsuit, which is
    > against Osha & the company exactly. I'm so sorry for you. I
    > should be dead & at times I wish I was. The pains I get are
    > unexplainable. I worked with toluene& chemicals that are not
    > even around anymore off/on over 30 years. I would like to talk
    > to you. We can help each other. I feel like an expert on
    > tolune,but it will/can mess with you for 30-40 years, you
    > fix it. They make bombs with it. I have a lot to tell, but I'm
    > new to this, so let me know if I can email you or how to
    > contact you, if you would. My brain does not co-operate, well!

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