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    Post: My Lethal Job- Life

    Posted by D.L. on 10/31/09

    I worked from 1969-2002.After working & paying into L&I,
    for 20 years,in 1989 I had an accident(lethal exposure type)
    so I filed an L&I claim,which was denied.I went on,doing
    what I did best, building boats,fighting L&I,& having all
    these horriffic accidents, illnesses,diagnoses,just some
    totally unexplainable pain,moving all over in my body,
    arms,legs,hands,eyes,ears ringing,throat burning,another
    claim turned down, & I knew in my heart by then, it was
    work related, I just was too dumb(from toxic exposures)
    Then,my sm. bowel totally "erupted" inside me.I won't go
    into detail,because there's too much.I was put on SSI,SSD
    in 2002 for brain damage.You don't let your boss make you
    stay inside a boat,while he's installing canvas & snapping
    it down tight,where there is 0 air space & you have toluene
    & other toxic chemicals, cleaning inside, sometimes for
    hours.Think about it,I did work like that on a daily,even
    yearly basis,for most of my working life.I had a new MRI
    done,& I have a new disease,which is not work related,but
    shows up on this mri, with my BRAIN DAMAGE from my letal
    life of working. I would like to educate Jeri Berends,on
    brain injurys/toxic exposures,etc... or see how she would
    like to live on $600.00mo.,instead of working for the st of
    wa.,if shes even still there.

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