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    Post: Workplace Exposures

    Posted by Ahyehok on 12/25/09

    Wash.St.lets people right off the streets,with no chemical
    schooling,background info.,and no education on hazardous
    chemicals,and alot of them didn't even have MSDS info.,I
    never knew what MSDS was until I had a very toxic exposure
    in 1989,and went and got the info.myself at a chemical co.
    Now, after all my research(7yrs),I realize that I was being
    exposed, since the early 70's.I was not aware of these
    exposures, because I didn't know what, nor where, nor how,
    exposures effect a human,or how it felt until 1989,then I
    found out the hard way.I had no education, either. I just
    loved working\designing\detailing fiberglass boats.Now,I
    have a brain injury,along with everything that relates or
    goes with Long Term Exposures!There's got to be more people
    out there,that are probably sick in different ways,from
    exposures in 70's,80's,90's,that probably aren't even aware
    that it could be due to chemical exposures,from working
    with these toxic chemicals,while building fiberglass boats
    in the state of Washington, where you need no experiance to
    work with fiberglass,resins,acetone,toluene,eathers(glues)
    and so on... and brain injury's are free.When did
    regulating chemicals and inspections began & where? Not
    where I was employed.In Thirty years,I saw one inspection!

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