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    Re: Workplace \exposure

    Posted by Mr. Ralph B. Johnson on 1/25/10

    Suggestions? Check your meds. Your dosage is light.

    On 1/13/10, Aheyok wrote:
    > I have multiple chemical exposures,& did not find out(for
    > sure) until 2001,thatI have a brain injury.I had been
    > working almost 20yrs.,when I thought was my first exposure
    > (03-16-89),was my worst,because thats when it all began,&
    > of course L&I said it wasn't an exposure,& I beleived them
    > & went on woreking for another10+ years,to be more exposed
    > in Wa. st @ fiberglass boat companys,where they had no
    > training of sorts.Today I have every symptom & diseaes to
    > prove my story. Is it Civil or ?...I have a toxicologist
    > waiting,to work wih no charge(unless we get paid,)& Drs.
    > to back me up, but no money. Any suggestions???

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